Covid-19 Procedure

Measures have been taken strictly in light of the information provided. New measures have been added to our already existing hygiene and cleaning standards at all our facilities operated in Turkey and in the rest of the world.We would like to share with you all our cleaning and hygiene measures taken in light of the reports by the World Health Organization,Turkish Ministry of Health, and Turkish Ministry of Tourism.


  • All our staff have been provided with training on Covid-19 protection methods and contamination conditions since the first day and is being repeated regularly.
  • Shuttle services for commuting to/from work are disinfected regularly. Wearing a protective mask is a must. Capacity of the shuttle services have been reduced to 50% for the sake of safe physical distance rule.
  • Our employees undergo medical screening and have their body temperature taken regularly. If there is anybody who is not feeling well is reminded and informed not to come to work.
  • Information notes and brochures are in place at common use areas where safe physical distancing rules are applied.
  • Uniforms are changed for hygiene purposes frequently.
  • Areas dedicated to our sta have been adapted to social distance rule. Disinfection units in sucient numbers have been placed in these areas. Rooms are shared by maximum 2 people at the lodging. Both physical structure and servicing has been rearranged and adapted to the new requirements at the personnel dining halls. Disposable service materials are used.
  • All our employees wear a face mask or a face shield and gloves.



  • Check-in and check-out procedures have been rearranged and adapted to social distance rule. Safe waiting areas have been designed. Distance signshave been placed.
  • Luggage and personal belongings of the guests are disinfected before taken to their room.
  • Valet personnel wear a disposable clothing/mask and gloves, and the car key is disinfected.
  • Shuttle and club cars are frequently disinfected. Transfers have been adapted to safe physical distance rule.
  • Our guests are welcomed with thermal cameras or contactless fire measurement applications, disinfection mats and hand disinfection materials. Personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves are provided to our guests upon request.
  • All our guests are given information about the practices and measures in place.
  • Room cards are disinfected before check-in. Pens to fill necessary forms are given in a clean package.
  • Room cards returned by a checking-out guests are kept in a separate box and disinfected before use.
  • Number of contactless PoS devices have been increased at our facilities.



  • Our cleaning personnel wear a mask, gloves and shoe covers. These protective materials are changed before entering in another room for cleaning. The same conditions apply to all sta who entering the rooms.
  • Disposable tissues and swabs are used for cleaning the rooms.
  • Disinfectants that do not harm health are used for room cleaning. Door handles, faucets, remote controls, telephone, switches aredisinfected before each check-in.
  • The bedding and decorative materials and as well as any other tissue/cardboard/leather materials except for those that are legally compulsory have been removed.
  • The glasses at room minibars have been replaced with disposable ones and new ones placed after each check out.
  • Hand disinfectant and disinfecting wipes are available in guest rooms. Face masks are delivered to the rooms upon request.
  • All linen and textile products are washed at high temperature for a sucient time. They are delivered to each room in protective bags.
  • Amenities are replaced after each check-out.
  • Air conditioning outlets and lids in each room are disinfected carefully on a weekly basis.
  • Rooms are ventilated for fresh air during cleaning after each check-out.
  • Rooms are disinfected with ULV (chlorine dioxide) after every check-out.



  • General areas have been adapted and rearranged according to safe social distance rule. Necessary measures have been taken and signboards have been placed, information notices have been hung. Areas that are frequently used are subject to extra disinfecting practices.
  • All ventilation systems are frequently disinfected. Indoor spaces are ventilated with fresh air as much as possible.
  • Signboards and information notices are in place at the elevator to make sure social distance rule is followed by all.
  • Hand disinfectants or disinfection wipes are made available and used at general spaces and WC units.
  • The lounge area is often disinfected with chlorine dioxide, indoor space of general use areas are disinfected with ULV; fabric seats are steam-cleaned.
  • Hand driers and hair driers have been removed from the general use areas.
  • Social distance rules have been redefined at the stores. Information notices have been hung. Stores are disinfected with ULV before opening or after closing every day.
  • Our guests are required to wear masks other than eating & drinking activities due to legal obligation.



  • Our hotels are FSSC-certified in line with the food safety system. Superior hygiene and quality standards are used at the kitchen areas of our facilities.
  • Kitchen areas, kitchen utensils and counter top and storage areas are cleaned regularly.
  • There are sterilization devices, equipment and tools for hand and body hygiene are in place at the kitchen areas.
  • Our kitchen personnel wear a protective mask, bonnet and gloves. Detailed training has been provided for the rules to follow.
  • Dishes are washed by dishwasher in hightemperature.



  • Classic menus have been removed at bars and restaurants and replaced with QR code compatible menus and disposable menus. Alternatively menus have been placed under a glass table top, reflected or hung up on the walls. Hand disinfection units are available at bars and restaurants. All service personnel wear a face mask.
  • Stools have been removed from the bars for the purpose of safe social distance. Reminders for social distancing have been placed at every waiting point at bars and restaurants.
  • In all Food & Beverage units; table, chair and sitting distances have been rearranged in accordance with the recommended safe distances.
  • Cutlery sets are served in disposable packages.
  • Self-service tea and coee machines at the Food & Beverage areas have been removed or our responsible personnel serve them.
  • Protective barriers have been designed for contactless serving of food at the open buet and our responsible employees provide necessary guidance and service. In order to reduce density in our open buet restaurants, some of our a’ la carte restaurants are oered to use.
  • Dishes in all F&B units are washed by a dishwasher, not by hand.
  • Tables, seats, chairs at F&B units are disinfected after each use.Disposable materials are used for cleaning. Fabric armchairs and seats are steam-cleaned.
  • Our service personnel carrying clean and dirty materials are organized to be dierent people.
  • Mixing apparatus and pipettes come in a protective bag.
  • Table clothes and runners are changed for each guest. Cloth napkins are not used at our tables.
  • Foods are kept in closed area or lids are tightly covered.



  • Pools are cleaned in accordance with chemical values that will not allow any disease or epidemic as usual.
  • Sunbeds are placed in line with the social distancing rules.
  • Sunbeds, sunbed cushions and materials are frequently disinfected. Disinfecting cleaning wipes have been placed at the areas where lounge chairs are.
  • Pool and beach towels are in protective bags or are delivered to each guest by our employees.
  • Entertainment activities will continue at low capacities and softly in accordance with safe physical distance rules.
  • Outdoor spaces are preferred for entertainment activities.
  • According to the social distance rule, the maximum number of users will be calculated in the pools and the lifeguards will be informed.



  • Sauna, bath and steam rooms capacities have been rearranged in line with he hygiene conditions and social distancing rules. Hand disinfectants have been placed at designated points.
  • Disposable cleaning cloths and materials are used.
  • The bedding and decorative materials at massage rooms have been removed.
  • The massage therapist wears a mask during the massage.
  • Disposable materials are preferred when serving oerings and treats.
  • Amenities are disposable.
  • Antiseptic or high-alcohol content wet wipes are preferred.
  • Spa lounge area is disinfected with chlorine dioxide at designated times. Fabric materials are cleaned with steam.
  • Spa rooms are cleaned with ULV after each massage session.
  • Excessive contact areas at massage rooms are intensely disinfected. Massage beds and headrest area in particular are disinfected carefully after each use.
  • Equipment and tools at fitness center have been rearranged in line with the social distance rule, and they are disinfected after each use. Hand disinfectants are available at designated points.
  • Number of guests who can use the fitness area simultaneously have been rearranged. Disposable soap, shower gel and hair shampoo are used.
  • Outdoor sports equipment and tools are frequently disinfected.



  • Our facilities inspect its food suppliers in compliance with the FSSC certificate standards.
  • Foods are bought from selected suppliers who are subject to inspections, and they are allowed in our facilities only after strict controls and disinfection formalities are completed.
  • Storage conditions and productions are fully hygienic at our facilities.
  • Company personnel who bring products to our facilities are allowed in after their body temperature is taken; they are given a new mask, gloves, shoe covers and bonnet.
  • The hotel representative washes his hands and changes gloves after lowering each vehicle.
  • Storages are frequently checked for hygiene conditions based on a given hygiene list.



  • Pandemic Safety Team was established in our hotels.
  • Manufacturers are inspected for cross contamination risk.
  • Supplier companies work according to designated rules and requirements at delivery and receipt areas.
  • Stores at the hotel are obliged to follow the designated rules.
  • ATP measurements are taken in order to follow up with the frequency and eciency of hygiene and disinfection at the guest contact areas based on a tracking chart.
  • Occupational safety and health risks, analysis, training have been designated and provided.
  • Informative personnel training sessions are made available at our hotels.
  • Information is provided regarding measures that need updating or adding.