We do not have a towel service. If you wish, you can meet your towel needs from the markets in the park for a fee.

For all our guests, we have separate changing rooms for men and women.

Theme Park lockers are subject to charge.

We recommend you to choose comfortable clothes that can protect you from sunlight in our park. Besides, clothes such as swimwear without metal accessories should be worn for activities. We recommend you to put on slippers or sneakers for your comfort.

These materials are provided free of charge on our waterslides where water park tubes and mats are used.

We have a market in our park where you can meet your general needs. Besides, in Shopping Avenue situated in The Land of Legends, you can reach a rich variety of stores ranging from clothes to food, from pharmacies to markets and meet your needs.

Due to hygiene and food safety, it is not appropriate to bring outside food and beverages to our park. You can shop all day long in our food and beverage service points in the park.

The admission fee you pay to our park is valid 1-day only. You can enter and exit during the day that the ticket is valid.

Our park has free parking lots for cars, motorcycles and buses for a total of 1,300 vehicles.

We have two types of tickets, daily and annual, to enter the Theme Park.Wristband is given to guests who buy a daily ticket to enter the park. Therefore, it is suitable for one-day use only. Guests who purchase an annual card, valid for 365 days, can enter the park with a one-day wristband that they can obtain from our ticket offices free of charge.

Sea water is used for marine animals in our park.

All our guests in our park are covered by third party financial liability insurance.

This is an outdoor theme park. In adverse weather conditions, we may stop operating outdoor rides and attractions only temporarily. However, we do not issue a refund on tickets according to our policy.

The pools and their depths in our park: · Wave Shock: Its depth varies from 0 cm to 200 cm of deepest point. · Surf Pool: Height of water is 50 cm. It works with pressurized water movement. · Infinity Pool: Its depth is 140 cm. · Activity Pool: Its depth is from 0 cm to 140 cm. · Bubbles Wave: (Secret Lagoon) Its depth is from 0 cm to 160 cm. · Wild River: Its depth is 110 cm. · Lazy Floats (Secret Lagoon): Its depth is 110 cm.

Lost and found procedure is applied in our park. If you encounter with such a situation, you can get help from our nearest employee.

Road arrangements and Regulations for our handicapped guests and guests with babies have been made in our park to facilitate their participation in activities.

Sunbed service is offered free of charge in our park.

All fire precautions have been taken in accordance with national legislation.

If you encounter with such a situation, you can get help from our closest employee that you can reach.

In our park, we have wheelchairs specially designed for participation in some activities and they are provided free of charge.

You can use the wristbands for all your expenses within the park. Credit card and cash are valid for wristband payments.

Due to safety concerns, we advise pregnant women not to get on Theme Park rides and attractions. However, they may safely enjoy the Activity Pool and the 5th Dimension ride.

Accompanied by a sighted companion, guests with blindness or visual impairments can enjoy the swimming pools in the park. Guests with hearing impairment or physical disabilities are advised to request information from theme park attendants while getting their wristbands regarding the rides and slides that they can safely use accompanied by a companion.

Our video and photo shooting service is provided for a fee in the park.

We have all health and safety procedures in place throughout our attractions at the Theme Park. We also provide guests with life jackets. If you want swimming pool toys for your little ones, you can find a variety of them at The Land of Legends Store and Shopping Avenue.

In our park, we have first aid service and doctor service in accordance with the laws.

It is obligatory to use waterproof diapers in children's pools as per hygiene rules. You can get diapers from our market for a fee if needed.

Wi-fi service is provided free of charge in the park.

Our service of sunbed and parasol is offered free of charge for all your comfort in our park.

In our park, there are enough equipment for all your comfort, such as icebox etc.

Non-swimmer guests are welcome to enjoy certain water attractions by using swimming aids, on condition that they are accompanied by an adult swimmer.

To avoid any loss or damage, make sure you have a glasses strap during Theme Park activities. For your and other guests’ safety, wearing glasses is not allowed on any slides or looping coasters. Contact lens wearers should pay extra attention while enjoying water slides that involve a hard descent.

We will be pleased to organize special celebrations and organizations for you. We kindly request you to send your contact information to give more detailed information on this issue.

Our park is open to all our guests.

In the interest of our hygiene guidelines, all swimwear should be made of suitable swimwear fabric. As long as the recommended material is used, you can wear swimwear that your religion/faith requires.

There is a baby changing unit in our park.

We are pleased to welcome you except these days due to hygiene rules.

For your safety, we do not recommend the use of such accessories.

You can benefit from our Cabana service for an extra fee.

Our female lifeguards serve in this part of our park.

We recommend that you do not use any accessory for the safety of you and our living friends.

If you want to swim with dolphins, our Waterfront Kingdom sales team are happy to assist you. To book your slot (date & time) please contact the sales team. You may also book your slot by visiting one of the Waterfront Kingdom desks in the Theme Park.

You can watch our shows in your clothes that comply with the general park rules.

Our living friends are fed with fish species suitable for their determined habitats in line with a certain diet prepared by experienced veterinarians.

Our park's photography team will fulfill all your photo and video requests for a fee.

All our living friends in our park have internationally valid certificates.

Our animal friends live in square meters in accordance with international standards.

They are fed with foods that are suitable for their habitat and that are contained in their food mix.

Our friends live in sea water suitable for their habitats, taking into account the sea water parameters prepared by their specialists, supported by life support units and in international standards.

Before all the shows, we will be introducing our marine animals to you.

You will have the chance to meet our dolphins, sharks, stingrays and dozens of Ocean and Mediterranean fish species in our park.

All our marine animals are our friends and you can be sure that they enjoy spending time with you.

Our friends will be happy to accompany you while playing their favorite games in their shows.

Water depths in international standards meet all their needs.

Your family can shoot your videos from restricted areas.

You can participate in the activities with diving suits that you can obtain free of charge in our park.

We can provide you special programs in which you can participate without prosthesis.

We offer a special discount for our disabled guests based on the level of their accessibility needs.

Our entire park is in compliance with European Standards in terms of hygiene rules. Since participating in the programs with an open wound will not be suitable for our friends as well, we will be happy to welcome you when you regain your health.

Our marine animals are treated in our medical pool within the treatment programs of our experienced marine veterinarians.

Our friends were born in the park conditions to which they adapted and the most suitable environment for them to maintain their lives in a healthy way is also the park conditions.

You can be sure that our trainers will be happy to have a conversation with you.

You can use our Canal Tour service by purchasing tickets from the Canal Tour Ticket point located at Chimera Fountain.