Theme Park Rules


1- The Land of Legends Theme Park entrance wristbands are used for entering / exiting the park and paying for services within the area. A list of free and paid services and units is available at the ticket offices.

2- You can only make payments at The Land of Legends Theme Park through the wristbands provided during entry. You can load your wristband balance with cash or credit card at the designated points in The Land of Legends Theme Park.

3- In accordance with the Theme Park rules, visitors who have not yet reached their 4th birthday (under 4 years of age) are considered infants and visitors who have not reached their 12th birthday (under 12 years of age) are considered children. Adult visitors are required to present ID card or passport to the ticket office staff to confirm the age of their children before obtaining wristband for the Theme Park.

4- Seasonal membership numbers are personal. The members need to visit the ticket offices and provide their membership numbers and ID’s to pick up the wristbands they are going to be using throughout the day. If the visitor record for the membership number does not match up with the provided ID in the ticketing system, the system records are given priority. The Land of Legends Theme Park reserves the right to prevent visitors from entering the area.

5- The wristbands must be kept in their original condition. If your wristband tears or gets lost, please contact the Guest Relations Office. Personnel may ask to see an ID and a matching signature when necessary. Please keep your wristband / invoice with you until the end of your visit. Legal action will be taken against fake wristbands or fraudulent use.

6- The operation of the recreation units within The Land of Legends Theme Park can be affected by weather conditions and maintenance work. Please contact the Guest Relations Office for information about units closed due to technical maintenance work.

7- The Land of Legends Theme Park wristbands are valid for one (1) working day of The Land of Legends Theme Park.

8- The Land of Legends Theme Park wristbands cannot be returned or canceled. Activities with sessions and cabana service on or after the event day are non-cancellable & non-refundable.

9- Accompanying persons are responsible for the people they are accompanying and visitors under the age of 12 are not allowed to enter the park unaccompanied. An accompanying person must be older than 18 to accompany a visitor younger than 12.

10- Entering The Land of Legends Theme Park with flammable and explosive materials, sharp tools, weapons, and other dangerous materials is prohibited.

11- Pets are prohibited in The Land of Legends Theme Park.

12- Any object that may present a danger to visitors and/or obstruct the personnel’s duties such as frisbees, balls, etc. are prohibited along with equipment such as scooters, skateboards, bicycles and roller skates which may disrupt pedestrian traffic.

13- The Land of Legends Theme Park Management or the person(s) authorized by the management reserve the right to prevent visitors from entering the park or to remove them from the premises in case of situations which could compromise order and security within the park such as theft, aggressive behavior, failure to comply with any of the rules of the park, cutting in front of other visitors in lines, non-compliance with the specified safety rules.


14- It is prohibited to bring any kind of food, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages into The Land of Legends Theme Park area.


15-It is mandatory to wear clothing that is appropriate for swimming pools and slides (swimming suits) and use the pools and units with these clothes.

16-Visitors are required to wear appropriate footwear at The Land of Legends Theme Park throughout the day.

17-Babies and children under the age of 3 are required to wear water-resistant swim diapers before they can use the swimming pools. (Standard diapers are not suitable.)


18- Visitors are responsible for all of their belongings. The Land of Legends Theme Park does not accept responsibility for lost or stolen items


19- All units have requirements about health, weight, height, age, and accompanying persons to ensure your safety and comfort. You must comply with these requirements. Otherwise, only the visitor will be responsible for any situation that may occur due to non-compliance with the rules.

20- Any photographs, videos and voice recordings taken by you are for your private use only. Any commercial use, commercial reproduction or production of these without the written permission of The Land of Legends Theme Park is strictly prohibited.

21- The park is monitored with a CCTV system for security reasons.

22- Smoking is only allowed in certain areas. It is forbidden to smoke outside of the specified areas. These are areas have been specified in accordance with Law No. 4207 and related Laws.

23- Pregnant women, people suffering from heart problems, high blood pressure, physical illnesses, skin infections, and open wounds are prohibited from using the swimming pools and the units. Otherwise, only the visitor will be responsible for any situation that may occur due to non-compliance with the rules.

24- The visitors must be in good health and free of any potential medical restrictions. If you are uncertain about your health or are having chronic health problems, please consult your doctor.Please see the “Our Disabled Policy” section on our website for disabled visitors or get information from the Park Call Center.

25- All other restrictions have been specified on the rule signs and these rules are regulated by the personnel. Please observe and obey these rules.

26- Recreation units always carry a certain risk. By participating in these rides, you accept the naturals risks a responsible person should be aware of. Visitors should regard using the recreational units as an exercise in judgment. Visitors should act accordingly by complying with the written warnings and restrictions within the units and the verbal warnings of the staff.

27- The Land of Legends Theme Park has taken every kind of measure to provide you with a fun, safe experience at the park. Warning and information signs are based on these measures. Visitors are required to comply with the signs and the warnings of the staff. Nevertheless, The Land of Legends Theme Park cannot be held responsible for damages or losses to your personal belongings, deaths, and personal injuries pertaining to a person’s own oversight such as injuries resulting from not knowing how to swim, along with not complying with the rules of The Land of Legends Theme Park (including the oversight of the Land of Legends Theme Park), the entrance rules and any other situation. This does not affect external liability rules, situations that cannot be excluded in accordance with statutory laws, such as the liabilities that are covered by the Code of Commerce Practice. This includes the owners and personnel of The Land of Legends Theme Park.

28- The Land of Legends Theme Park reserves the right to change all terms and conditions at any time without notice.


1- Our disabled guests are required to visit the Theme Park with a companion who is aged 18 and above.

2- In order to gauge the suitability of a ride for a disabled person, the disabled person and their companion should observe a whole riding cycle and comply completely with all warning signs and safety instructions. In case of any doubt, they should not board the ride. The personnel may not assess the suitability of the ride for the visitors, however, they may determine any limitations for boarding the ride with a visual check.

3- f you have any questions, you may consult the Guest Relations Office before getting in the waiting line.

4- Accompanying persons shall take full responsibility for the decision of boarding a ride by taking into account the physical limitations of their dependants. They must also regard the safety signs, assess the structure of the course and the natural risks of boarding recreational devices.

5- In cases where the accompanying person needs to help the disabled person with getting on and off the ride, the personnel may assist. However, the personnel is not allowed to lift the disabled person as they may not be familiar with the safe lifting techniques that are required for that particular disability.

6- The personnel may prevent a disabled person from getting on a ride if they deem it is possible for the ride a pose risk to the disabled person’s health.